Our Work

We strive to improve childhood outcomes for young residents in San Francisco–emotionally, socially and academically.

We strive to increase parents’ capacity to raise healthy children. We offer parents facing obstacles a welcoming, culturally-affirming place to find a range of supports.

Our Impact


Local children accessed intensive, high-quality, social-emotional and academic supports.*


San Francisco parents were offered intensive social, economic, and parenting supports.*


people consulted with our bilingual case managers or family advocates to get help in overcoming a major challenge.*

*From 2012-2017.

Growing Our Impact

Family Services Expansion at El Centro Bayview

El Centro BayviewWe’re happy to announce the recent opening of a jointly-operated Family Resource Center in the Bayview neighborhood, called El Centro Bayview. In 2018, several Latino-serving organizations, including ours, began to offer immigrant parents with young children a safe space to participate in parent support groups, child development classes, parent/child interactive classes, community-building, and one-on-one conversations with our family advocates. All services are bilingual.

Please visit El Centro Bayview.

Youth Services Expansion at the Willie Brown Beacon

Willie Brown BeaconWe’re thrilled to announce the opening of the Willie Brown Beacon, which advances middle school success in the Bayview neighborhood. In the 2018-2019 school year, it began to integrate members of our youth services team into the day-to-day environment at Willie Brown Middle School. Each year, about 150 students there will receive intensive social-emotional and academic supports.

To enroll a student, please contact us.

Planned Preschool Program Expansion at 2060 Folsom

Good Samaritan is launching a growth campaign to triple the capacity of our dual-language preschool program by 2021. We have an incredible opportunity to design a second preschool site at 2060 Folsom, as part of an affordable housing complex slated for construction. Good Samaritan needs generous individuals to fund the build-out of this Child Development Center’s classroom and outdoor spaces.

Please donate to our preschool growth campaign.

Family Services Expansion to Bernal Dwellings

Good Samaritan, as of 2018, is offering residents at Bernal Dwellings access to our bilingual family advocates on-site. Bernal Dwellings is a 160-unit, mixed-income affordable housing development in San Francisco’s Mission District.

What the Research Shows


Annual Return on

A Nobel Prize winning economist’s latest research shows that every dollar invested in high-quality birth-to-five early childhood education for disadvantaged children delivers a 13% annual return on investment, significantly higher than the 7-10% return delivered by preschool alone. Good Samaritan specializes in birth-to-five coaching and programs for local Spanish-speaking families.


Kindergartners in San Francisco Were “School Ready”

Only 62% of entering kindergartners in San Francisco were “school ready,” according to a recent study. Affordable preschools– such as our licensed, dual-language Child Development Center– give an important boost to local immigrant children who tend to be less ready for kindergarten.


Good Samaritan’s Parent Community Focuses on School Readiness at Home

Family engagement in activities with young children, such as singing songs, reading together, and playing as a family, helps to boost children’s kindergarten readiness. About 85% of adult participants in Good Samaritan’s parent leadership programs and 75% in our parent support programs improve their understanding of how to support their child’s school readiness at home, and report reading to their child at least three times per week.