The Good Samaritan Family Resource Center’s mission is to help vulnerable families, including immigrant families, access needed services, develop self-sufficiency, and participate fully as members of the San Francisco community. Every day, we help striving immigrants and diverse families obtain the skills, support, and resources they need to overcome the challenges of poverty and displacement so, together, we can improve the world we share.


In a nation built by immigrants, Native Americans, and African Americans, the Good Samaritan Family Resource Center believes that diverse families and their children deserve opportunities to succeed and strengthen our shared society.

Mario Paz

Our organization’s founders treated all who came through our doors with respect, honoring their dignity and hard work. These values still guide us today. Like the Good Samaritan parable for which we are named, we help those in need—above all expectations. We do not allow differences, fears, or misconceptions to stop us from opening our hearts to all our neighbors.”

– Mario Paz, Executive Director, Good Samaritan Family Resource Center