We Partner with Communities

Good Samaritan opened its first Family Resource Center (FRC) in 1992 in San Francisco’s Mission neighborhood with the goal of serving Latino families, who had long been making the neighborhood home. To this day, we ensure that Spanish-speaking San Franciscans have a support system–one that builds upon their strengths, culture, and values.

Although the rising cost of living in the Mission District (and the Bay Area as a whole) has displaced thousands of newcomer families from the neighborhood, our organization continues to serve Latinos, some of whom have relocated to nearby neighborhoods. (Still, about 30% of our participants live near our Mission District headquarters).

In February 2018, we co-launched a second Family Resource Center, called El Centro Bayview, in the Bayview neighborhood. Both sites offer immigrant families a safe place to learn about how to best invest in the next generation. Our preschool, infant/toddler programs, school-based partnerships, immigrant youth services, parent learning circles, and community navigation services are in high demand.

Good Samaritan is a vocal partner in the Mission Promise Neighborhood, a coalition of over 30 organizations focused on achieving equity. Together, we work to ensure that immigrants and their children have access to opportunity.

We Partner with San Franciscans of all ages

We partner with parents and children to ensure multiple members of the same family are achieving their goals. Called a “two generation” approach, we are interested in promoting family stability and wellbeing. Healthy, resilient families will raise healthy, resilient children.

We Partner with Participants for the Long Term If They so choose

A family can come to Good Samaritan to get prenatal support and stay involved with us through all of their child’s developmental stages– from infancy through their teen years.

We believe in sanctuary

We want to ensure that San Francisco lives up to its promise to be a Sanctuary City. All families, no matter their immigration status, are welcome here.

We’re bilingual

We welcome English Language Learners and English-speakers across all our programs and services. Nearly all of our employees are fluent in multiple languages, including English, Spanish and/or Cantonese.

We Recognize That Systemic Barriers Exist

Good Samaritan understands that many of our participants face specific challenges beyond their control– those related to their race, gender, nation of origin, etc. We see it as our work to not only offer services and support, but to also join and advocate for with diverse families across San Francisco to dismantle systemic barriers that cause opportunity gaps.

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