In a nation built by immigrants striving to create a brighter future, Good Samaritan believes struggling newcomer families and their children deserve the opportunity to succeed in their new home, and to strengthen our shared democracy. Every day, we help young children, youth and their families to obtain the skills, support and resources they need to overcome the challenges of poverty and displacement, and to improve the world we share. Learn More.

For over 120 years Good Samaritan has helped immigrants to San Francisco from around the world to build their futures in their new home. Today, we mainly work with low-income Latino immigrants from Mexico, Central and South America.
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Our mission is to help immigrant families access needed services, develop self-sufficiency, and participate fully as members of the community.
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Your support makes a real difference in the lives of thousands of hardworking people striving to build a better future. Thank You.
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A Message to Our Community / Un Mensaje a Nuestra Comunidad

Good Samaritan San Francisco staff For 122 years, we have believed in being Good Samaritans by welcoming immigrants to San Francisco and helping them find pathways to opportunity. History teaches us that every new wave of immigrants has been met with suspicion and doubt; however, they have eventually been vindicated and saluted for their many contributions to our country. Learn More.

Por 122 años, hemos creído firmemente en ser Buenos Samaritanos, dándoles la bienvenida a San Francisco a inmigrantes de varias partes del mundo y ayudándoles a encontrar caminos para alcanzar sus sueños y la prosperidad que buscan. La historia nos muestra que cada ola de inmigrantes ha sido recibida con desconfianza y dudas; sin embargo, con el tiempo estos grupos han sido revindicados y se les ha llegado a admirar por sus contribuciones únicas a nuestro país. Aprende Más.

SF is my Sanctuary
Good Samaritan families and supporters march in favor of San Francisco’s Sanctuary City policy.

Free Events, Classes and Workshops - Fall 2016

Parenting Classes -
Wednesdays, September 7th-December 14th, 6:00pm-8:00pm
Parenting class for parents with Teens.

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Drop-In Groups -
Noche de Papas
Wednesdays, September 21st – December 7th 6:00pm-7:30pm
Parent/Child Interactive workshop for Dads of 0-5 year olds
Exploremos Juntos
Thursdays, September 22nd – December 15th
Parent/Child Interactive Workshop
Babies (0-12months) 9:30am -10:30am
Toddlers (Walking or 12months – 3 years) 11:00am – 12:30pm
Horas Felices
Fridays, September 9th – December 9th, 11:00am-1:45pm
Support Group for Mother’s – Focus on Stress Reduction, Community Building, and more.
Creciendo con Libros
Todos los martes, 6 de septiembre al 13 de diciembre
Reading and Literacy Parent-Interactive Group – Enseñe a su hijo a enamorarse de los libros.

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California Public Utilities Commission TEAM Program

CPUCLearn about Good Samaritan’s new partnership with the California Public Utilities Commission and Self-Help for the Elderly to provide in-language telecommunications education and assistance with disputes to consumers, who are non and limited English proficient.

NEW! Vision Academy

Vision Academy, now an official program of Good Samaritan Family Resource Center, provides after school, summer camp, chess instruction, and general support services to under-served children, youth and families in San Francisco.

“I arrived from rural Mexico at the age of fourteen, facing language barriers and the challenges of poverty. In the 11th grade I became involved with Good Samaritan Family Resource Center through its coordination of the Latino Student Union. My grades improved and I started working with my peers to organize school and community events. I am now a Youth Leader at GoodSamFRC, mentoring other young people who are eager for a chance to find the right path, make a difference, and become the leaders of our future.” — Luis Becerra